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Welcome to Chamonix Estates

We provide local Estate and Property management services throughout England & Wales.

We take pride in caring for communal properties whether it is a block of flats or an estate.

Our Estate Management team live locally to their customers and prefer to spend their time at the property and in front of their customers, not in a remote office.

As a result, our Estate Managers typically visit your property or estate every week as part of our service.

We live by our promise to our customers to be accountable to the customers who pay their service charges, to carry out our duties related to estate and property management with care and integrity; and ensure that we and your appointed contractors deliver the services our customers pay for.

To find out more about services, please visit the appropriate area on our website or to contact us, please click here.





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Estate and Property Management Services

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The Chamonix Team is  experienced in taking over estate and apartment block management from poorly performing managing agents.

Quickly bringing service charge accounts up to date and getting your property maintenance services back on track.

In the process improving your living environment and the appearance of badly managed properties.

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Call your local team now for a no obligation discussion about your problems and how we may be able to help you and your neighbours.


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