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Unhappy with your managing agent?


Right To Manage

 (RTM) Services


Managing Agent Regulation


Right to Manage Services


Chamonix Estates provide a low cost and straightforward Right To Manage (RTM) service to help leaseholders take control of their own destiny and management matters of their building and surrounding areas.

Right to Manage (RTM) is a no fault process for qualifying leaseholders as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. 50% or more of the Flat owners want to go through Right To Manage

  2. 75% or more of the building is for residential use.

  3. 2/3 of the flat owners must hold leases with more than 21 years left to run.


Following the furore of recent days after the appearance of Ian Rapley on BBC News, Chamonix Estates is willing to provide FREE* RTM Company formations and serve the appropriate notices for qualifying sites managed by Peveral.

To find out more about this limited offer, a residents representative should contact our RTM team on 0207 100 6025 for further details or email us at info @chamonixestates.co.uk with their contact details.

*Free service extends to the RTM Company Formation and the production of statutory notices. A residents contribution of 10 per apartment is required to cover disbursements e.g. postage & land registry searches required.


The RTM process can be completed in under five months from inception and from that time the RTM company takes over, the leaseholders RTM company assumes the right to manage run their own affairs instead of the Landlord and their Managing Agent.

The apartment owners RTM company becomes responsible for the duties of the Landlord, appointing their own managing agent (if needed), and arranges their own buildings insurance and service contractors. The savings compared Landlord appoint Managing Agents charges can be quite significant and many cases of substantial savings that can be achieved are well documented on the internet.

As well as the potential financial savings to be had, the biggest change is that the Managing Agent now reports to you and your neighbours NOT the Landlord, which means that finally the person who actually pays the service charges has the full attention of the people they've been paying the wages of all along.

The Right To Manage process is not just limited to apartment blocks run by Landlord appointed Managing Agents, it can also be used in situations where existing Managing Agents have had themselves written into leases in an attempt to prevent them losing the management instruction of your property.

For further information about the Right To Manage process please contact our RTM team on 0207 100 6025.

Further information about the background to RTM please visit LEASE The Leasehold Advisory Service


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Estate and Property Management Services

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The Chamonix Team is  experienced in taking over estate and apartment block management from poorly performing managing agents.

Quickly bringing service charge accounts up to date and getting your property maintenance services back on track.

In the process improving your living environment and the appearance of badly managed properties.

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Call your local team now for a no obligation discussion about your problems and how we may be able to help you and your neighbours.


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