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 What our customers say about our service


Unhappy with your managing agent?


Right To Manage

 (RTM) Services


Managing Agent Regulation


Considering a new managing agent?

Is your current managing agent making sure you receive value for your money?

Paying ever increasing service charges and unhappy with the services provided?

Fed up with unavailable property managers that never ring back?

Has your managing agent got so big they've now got a call centre where nobody can help you?


Or is your managing agent getting away with delivering poor service because you have a:

Maintenance Trustee who uses their own managing agent?

Landlord appointed managing agent?

Managing agent named in your lease?


Do you want a managing agent that:

   Ensures services are delivered (and checked) for the benefit of the customers.

   Has its Estate Manager living locally so that they typically visit your site every week.

   Answers your enquiries promptly, often answering them in just one call/contact.

   Recovers unpaid service charges from your errant neighbours.

And is recognised by its customers for rapidly improving the appearance of estates and apartment buildings it takes over management for, often without any increases in the service charges.

 "The development has clearly improved since Chamonix Estates took over.." L.W.-Recent new customer (see more customer comments here)

Then call your local Chamonix team or 0845 527 9739 for a fresh approach to property and estate management.

Isn't it time you enjoyed the Chamonix Difference?

At Chamonix Estates, our experienced team can lead you through the process of getting rid of poorly performing managing agents who think they are untouchable (due to them being appointed by a maintenance trustee, Landlord or named in the lease).....and it might be a lot cheaper and easier than you think or they'll have you believe, which could also save you as an individual leaseholder thousands of pounds over the next few years.

With our customer approach of championing leaseholders and estate customers rights and more than 60 years of combined property management experience amongst our Directors, we have a good understanding of property legislation from the Landlord and Tenant Acts, right through to the successful application of right to manage for leaseholders. 






Click to read what our customers say about our service

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Estate and Property Management Services

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The Chamonix Team is  experienced in taking over estate and apartment block management from poorly performing managing agents.

Quickly bringing service charge accounts up to date and getting your property maintenance services back on track.

In the process improving your living environment and the appearance of badly managed properties.

See what our new customers say about us.

Call your local team now for a no obligation discussion about your problems and how we may be able to help you and your neighbours.


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